The Epitome of L.A. Weirdness


Museum of Jurassic Technology

You won’t know what to make of this museum, but most everyone who comes appreciates its quirkiness.

No life-size dinosaurs here, just a series of oddball inventions cloaked in a dark room. It will absorb all of your attention and challenge your critical thinking skills, and your concept of a museum.

The tiniest sculptures on needle heads, a whole room dedicated to cat’s cradle, a bell wheel hanging from the ceiling, art slides shown through a microscope to see art made out of butterfly scales and diatoms, an exhibit focused on camping trailers, and paintings of Russian dogs that were shot into space are some of the enigmatic exhibits you’ll get to mentally dissect.

Bizarre, perplexing, eerie and engrossing, the Jurassic Museum of Technology provokes contemplation, wonder, suspense and possible brain damage (kidding). Designed to raise questions more so than resolve them, there’s a subtext of a practical joke here.

The complimentary tea and cookies with a docile resident dog for company are definitely grounding after such a mind-blowing experience.

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