L.A.’s Hidden Hot Spot for Spicy Food

Restaurant Zam Zam

Forget about ambiance….this place has none. What it does have is the freshest, yummyiest, most authentic and least expensive Pakistani cuisine in the city. A classic hole-in-the-wall specialty market, they virtually conceal the fact that it’s also a restaurant. No menu either, it’s whatever they’re cooking that day, that is what you eat. You definitely need to call them ahead of time to make sure they have what you like (if you’re choosy), and enough of it. I believe they make biryani only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Some like it hot…if that’s the way you like your meal, raging spicy hot, stop here. Their biryani (spiced rice with chicken or beef, lentils, and onions) is something to write home about. Their chicken tikka – you haven’t eaten chicken tikka unless you’ve had Zam Zam’s!


Finally, the naan and fragrant, spicy shish kabobs are simply out of this world….do yourself and your stomach a favor.


Caveat: it’s easy to drive by and miss this place, the sign is tiny and worn. So note the street address carefully! Click here for directions


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