The Boutique Rebellion Lives Here

W. Hollywood - Melrose Avenue

Melrose Av. is the outlandish rebellious teen to Rodeo Drive’s exceedingly mature, conventional and opulent adult. It’s a funky, New Wave, walking/shopping/dining/ spectacle for people-watching, both beguiling and bizarre.


The street is in a perpetual, ephemeral state of quasi-demented one-upmanship of hipness and business turnover that range from trendy boutiques to tatoo shops dressed up in flamboyant day-glo hues and neon signs, not to mention both creative and creepy business names like “Humphrey Yogurt,” “A Star is Worn,” “Retail Slut,” “Wacko,” and “Warbabies”.


Melrose can also entertain with quirky cafes, comedy clubs, night spots, record stores, nostalgia shops, books, jewelry, and antiques.


Some say that Melrose Av. is losing a bit of its “edge”. Still, it continues to produce a hearty fringe element in the area of design, fashion, and business concepts. Directions here


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