Room With A Tree, & Caribbean Cuisine

Restaurant Caribbean Treehouse

Do not adjust your computer screen…there is a real tree bursting from the floor and thrusting through the ceiling of this small but festive and funky Caribbean eatery. That’s not something you see every day.

On weekends, they serve a dish called the Sparrow Special – give it a whirl if you happen to be there at that time. It’s composed of chopped salt codfish with sauteed onion and tomato, boiled cassava, plantains, and “dumplings” which are essentially baked pieces of dough. For you “spiceaholics,” owner Carol makes her own hot sauce that will have your taste buds doing jumping jacks.

For an invigorating beverage, try out the delicious Caribbean favorite known as Sorrel, which they make fresh here. Sorrel is an herb from a slender plant that tastes like a cross between hibiscus and strawberry when made into a drink.

With Calypso music blaring joyfully from the sound system, the atmosphere is ideal for social and happy occasions. Go here for hours and directions


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