Samosas & Bollywood in the House

Restaurant Samosa House1

This Indian grocery store-cum-vegetarian cafe has been the go-to market over 25 years for West Side seekers of Indian food. Also an outlet of a spice importing and distribution company called Bharat Bazaar, they roast and grind spices on site (and package some for sale).

Three years ago it expanded from a makeshift back-of-the-store deli counter into an eat-in or takeout cafe. The samosas are justifiably famous. The filling is traditional — potatoes and peas — but the seasoning! Fresh roasted spices make the difference; the flavor is bold and full-bodied but not spicy hot. Each order comes with house-made mint and tamarind chutneys.

Recently the buffet menu at Samosa House has expanded to include hotter fare for the palate from south India like Uttapom, a pancake loaded up with onion and chili, complemented by three side dishes for just $6.99.

To complete the feast for the senses are the endlessly looping and entertaining Bollywood productions shown on the overhead monitors. Directions and hours


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