Best Little Ethiopian Restaurant Not In Little Ethiopia

Restaurant Awash

This place will appear closed from the outside, and looks diminutive on the inside with just ten tables and a bar, but it’s always filled with regulars who seem to know each other. No wonder. The wait staff is incredibly friendly and will make you feel right at home, as they serve up some of the best Ethiopian fare around. This cozy eatery more than holds its own against the best of Fairfax Avenue’s Little Ethiopia, without the parking headaches.

Ingredients are fresh and well prepared. As a plus to “sour pusses,” the Injera bread has less of a sourdough taste. If you’re vegetarian, the combo plate of yummy lentils, potatoes, spinach, salad, etc. is a top choice and will stuff at least two tummies at the table. Some veggies are potently spiced, but a heavy dollop of rice is there to avoid a lingering burn. Fish could be added to this combo as well.

The secondary alternative is the beef alitcha tibbs which have a juicy, buttery sauce mounted by heaps of fresh garlic and ginger. It’s a tamer dish spice-wise and very delicious, though a bit “awash” in oil.


Overall, this is the quintessential neighborhood restaurant for the Ethiopean ex-pat community; coming here is not only gastronomically satifying, it’s a cultural experience. For directions, go here


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