Weekend Hikers: Don’t Overlook Parker Mesa Overlook

Palisades - Parker_Mesa_Overlook

Getting to this spectacular overview of the Southern California coastline requires some strenuous hiking on your part. You will be richly rewarded, first by the very lush upward sloping Los Liones Trail, bordered by canyons carpeted in bright green ivy. Sneak peeks of the L.A. basin and the ocean along the way lead to a plateau with sweeping views of Century City, Downtown L.A. and the San Gabriel Mountains to the east, the ocean to the west. Rabbits and occasionally deer are critters spotted while on this trail.

The plateau is a junction for Paseo Miramar Road going down to your right, and the East Topanga Fire Road Fire Road ascending to your left. Expect to encounter other hikers and mountain bikers coming up from Paseo Miramar. Prepare for a relentlessly uphill 1,250 foot elevation gain via the fire road, taking you to the consummate view at the Overlook. About 8 miles from the trailhead to the Overlook round trip, plan on 4.5 – 6 hours time.

Another great, less time-consuming option is a full moon hike to the plateau (2 hours max). For directions, go here  


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