Best Falafels & Pastries in Historic Little Armenia




Restaurant Falafel Arax Hollywood - Little Armenia Sasoun Bakery

The birthplace of the Armenian community in L.A., Little Armenia covers an area of East Hollywood, bordered by Hollywood Blvd. between Vermont Av. and the 101 freeway to the north, extending to Santa Monica Blvd. going south, Vermont and Harvard east to west. Unlike L.A.’s Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Little Ethiopia, and Little Tehran, it is not overwhelmingly Armenian in character. Thai Town makes a highly visible overlap on Hollywood Blvd. from the west, and Latino businesses are noticeable as well.

The name “Little Armenia” was officially christened by the city in 2000, to reflect the large Armenian population and hundreds of highly visible Armenian businesses within this area. You can find just about anything Armenian here, from restaurants and churches to auto mechanics and doctors.

St. Garabed Church is the place of prayer for the vast majority of Armenians living in Hollywood. Located on Alexandria Avenue, it was constructed in 1978. The church is across the street from the Pilibos Armenian School.

A visit to the Arax Sandwich Shop is mandatory for the best falafel sandwich plate in the city, and for pastry patrons give Sasoun Bakery a whirl.


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