Best Pakistani Food? Among Radiator Repair Shops!

Restaurant Al-Watan1

A nondescript property adjacent to a butcher shop on a boulevard known for radiator repair shops, Al-Watan is an anomaly in the elite world of superior cuisine. Some of the most vividly smoky tandoor-cooked meats you will ever taste can be found here.

Spicy, meaty kebobs inflected by the flavors of ginger, cardamom and chilis, come to fruition in a clay oven (always essential), leaving a strong imprint. King among the stews is Haleem beef, braised with shredded wheat until it breaks down into a thick gravy with the flavor of well-browned roast-beef drippings.

As meaty as Al-Watan is, even vegetarians are gratified here: Navratan Korma is a mixture of cauliflower, green beans, and carrots stir-fried with chili and plenty of spices. This is akin to a wonderful Pakistani ratatouille, the flavors of each vegetable fresh and distinct while contributing to the cumulative effect of the cumin-scented whole.

Al-Watan is a peak performer of Pakistani food, acknowledged by many as the best restaurant of its genre in L.A.! For more about Al-Watan and other eclectic L.A. dining, look here


2 thoughts on “Best Pakistani Food? Among Radiator Repair Shops!

    • Thanks for your feedback 68W!
      Tara’s is another favorite of mine. Posted here

      When you say “looks very similar…” not sure if you mean the ambiance, the food, or both. Maybe a similar outward appearance of the buildings? The neighborhoods are quite different, and food-wise Tara’s leans to Nepalese preparations which are less spicy and sweeter tasting. Then again, I haven’t been to Tara’s in a few years and perhaps the menu has changed.

      No matter, I love them both!

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