Venice Beach Zip Line Opens Today

Venice Zip Line0 Venice Zip Line1 Venice Zip Line2a
Three 750-foot long zip lines that reach a height of 50 feet opened today at Venice Beach for a scheduled three-month test run.

The lines stretch from Windward Plaza to 17th Avenue and the excursion takes about 40 seconds to complete, ending at a landing tower 30 feet high. In true Venetian style, at least 10 local artists will add their touches on site. The thrill ride will give a unique though blurred view that Venice Boardwalkers have missed to date, and contribute revenue to the considerable clean-up operations required for the beach.

Requirements to Ride The Zip Line: Minimum Weight is 60lbs (27kg) Maximum Weight, 250lbs (113kg) Anyone wishing to ride must have their weight verified by a scale before ticket purchase. There is also a maximum height limit of 6 feet 7 inches due to clearance requirements of the ride structure.

Age Restrictions: There are no age restrictions, although riders under 18 must have their parent/legal guardian sign the waiver. All riders or guardians must present ID to verify age at 18 years or over.

Hours & Tickets:  Open from 11 am to sunset and cost $20 per rider ($18 for transit pass holders). The ticket office is across from the zip line’s landing deck south of Windward on Ocean Front Walk.

Your Opinion: Are these towers going to present an eyesore for Venice Beach? Will shrieking zip liners be a noise nuisance? Is this new attraction an exciting addition to the beach environment? Comments are welcome!

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