The Community Couch of Venice

Talking Stick

The Talking Stick is a cozy coffeehouse serving primarily the artists, writers, musicians, and merchants of Venice. However, no one will feel like an outsider here, whether you’re visiting from Silver Lake, Seattle, or Sao Paulo. Talking Stick is a welcoming and spacious ambiance for patrons to unwind and enjoy live performances and other events. The atmosphere is casual, and the sounds emanating from the stage range from mutedly reverential to raucously rockin’.

How eclectic is it? Every Sunday, the space is initially occupied by the Venice Beach Fellowship hosting a church service at 10:30; World music takes over the third Tuesday of each month, led by talented Ladino singer/guitarist Stefani Valadez. The third Sunday of every month is the Jazz Forum (a jam session). There are jazz/funk fusions, blues nights, hard rock, Klezmer music bands, spoken word open mics, tribal dance jams, and film evenings. And, “Second Sunday” art receptions.

Now under new ownership, the coffeehouse is open 24 hours, serving beer and wine with a vegetarian-only menu. While absorbing the good vibes and sounds, Talking Stick has quality sandwiches, pastries and teas to tantalize the tummy, along with new soupy concoctions featuring a flavorful 13 bean variety (we counted them).

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