Wingin’ It In Westwood

Westwood Crest Theater

Home to the world-renowned main campus of UCLA (University of California – Los Angeles), Westwood provides several other attractions to balance the academic-collegiate atmosphere. At one time this was the place to go for star-studded movie premieres during the Golden Age of Hollywood (1930s). Four landmark theaters graced in various stylistic hybrids of Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, Spanish Colonial Revival, and Moorish, continue to roll film for public consumption.

The cultural amenities expand with the Hammer Museum and its permanent collection of 19th century French paintings, exhibitions by emerging artists, film screenings, lectures, preview receptions, and summer concert series. Around the corner are the majestic Monterrey Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival apartments with breezy courtyards, fountains, and gardens, constructed originally in the 1930s. A few blocks away is the Italian Cultural Institute, featuring a gallery and theater, lectures, conferences, concerts, and special events that often include an enormous dollop of home-made pasta.

Another world is just blocks away. Known as Little Tehran, it’s the prime commercial district for L.A.’s Persian community. A profusion of Persian shops and restaurants (from casual to fine dining) line each side of the boulevard, including the incomparable Saffron & Rose Ice Cream Shop, the gold standard for the gourmet sweet tooth.

For more to explore and the complete Westwood Walking Tour, click here


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