Spanish Colonial Gem Shines in East L.A.


Restaurant Tamayo's1

Outside of East Los Angeles, this distinctive architectural landmark is virtually unknown. The two-story Spanish Mission style classic was constructed in 1928, and fell into disrepair until its full restoration brought it back to a lofty state of grace and elegance.

The esteemed Mexican artist Ruffino Tamayo lent his name to the restaurant to remind Mexican-Americans of their rich cultural heritage. His works, noted for exceptional form, texture, and color, enrich the walls of the restaurant.

Tamayo is el barrio‘s hot spot for special occasions, from weddings and quinceaneras to business meetings. The dining room is cavernous, with an ultra-high open wood beam ceiling, a large fountain in the middle of the room, and exquisite Mexican tile work on the periphery.

The food, while not the top Mexican cuisine in town, is good enough to sit down and enjoy the classy, spacious surroundings.

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