Warning: May Be More Addictive Than Crack Cocaine

Restaurant Saffron & Rose Ice Cream3

Little Tehran a.k.a. “Tehrangeles,” is officially recognized by the Persian Square signage on Westwood Blvd. as a historic district in the city of L. A. Here you will find Persian restaurants, cafes, book stores, beauty salons, immigration services, a gift store, antique shop, and what many dessert pundits consider to be the best ice cream shop in L.A.

The game changing ingredients: saffron and rosewater, which imbue an adventurous flavor and ultra-creamy texture.to create remarkable homemade Persian ice cream.

A powerhouse lineup of flavors includes white rose, green tea, orange blossom, caramel, lavender, cappuccino, pistachio and cantaloupe, apricot, almond, date, watermelon, guava, and strawberry. And the cheerful owner will let you sample every one.

The product is 100% natural, gluten free, made with fresh fruit, veggies, and toppings; whole, organic, hormone-free milk and homemade rosewater.  And some of their recipes date back 2,400 years, padding credentials of long-standing excellence.

Saffron & Rose is a friendly family-owned enterprise. A Saffron & Rose rehab facility may be forthcoming.

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