The “Great Wall” of L.A.

Great Wall

Did you know that L.A. has its own Great Wall, reputed to be the longest one of its kind in the world?

The brainchild of muralist/educator and socio-political activist Judy Baca, this sprawling display of public art was accomplished by student artists representing minority communities in L.A. One of the most spectacular murals in a city famous for its murals, the Wall portrays the history of California from pre-colonial times to now.

The mural stretches for over 1/2 mile in a flood control channel. Oddly, most people born and raised here or even media pros who cover the arts don’t know it exists.

Excerpt from the new book, “L.A. Made Easy: From Iconic to Eclectic,” by Terry Braverman ©2013 All Rights Reserved

L.A. Made Easy cover

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